Name of the CourseECTSStudy ProgrammeCourse Details
Advanced Methods in Metal Forming7Production EngineeringAdvanced Methods in Metal Forming _course description
CAD CAE CAM and CIM Systems5Production EngineeringCAD CAE CAM and CIM Systems _course description
Casting Technology5Production EngineeringCasting Technology _course description
Computer Aided Design of Tools and Dies for Metal Forming7Production EngineeringComputer Aided Design of Tools and Dies for Metal Forming _course description
Contemporary Casting Technologies6Production EngineeringContemporary Casting Technologies_course description
Contemporary Materials6Production EngineeringContemporary Materials _course description
Cutting tools6Production EngineeringCutting tools_course description
Fixtures5Production EngineeringFixtures _course description
InnovationTechnologies6Production EngineeringInnovation Technologies _course description
Integrated CAPP Systems and Technological Database4Production EngineeringIntegrated CAPP Systems and Technological Database _course description
Machines and Devices for Plastic Processing6Production EngineeringMachines and Devices for Plastic Processing _course description
Machines for Processing by Deforming5Production EngineeringMachines for Processing by Deforming _course description
Mechanical Materials8Production EngineeringMechanical Materials_course description
Metal Forming5Production EngineeringMetal Forming _course description
Nonconventional Procedures in Processing5Production EngineeringNonconventional Procedures in Processing _course description
Process Planning6Production EngineeringProcess Planning _course description
Reverse Engineering and CAQ6Production EngineeringReverse Engineering and CAQ _course description
Virtual Product Designing6Production EngineeringVirtual Product Designing _course description
Virtual Production in Technologies of Plastic Deforming6Production EngineeringVirtual Production in Technologies of Plastic Deforming_course description
All the courses are held in English and can be chosen for both winter and summer semester