Name of the CourseECTSStudy ProgrammeCourse details
Energy and the Environment7Environmental Engineering, Safety at WorkEnergy and Environment_Course Description
Chemical Principles in Environmental Engineering8Environmental EngineeringCourse Description_Chemical Principles in Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources8Environmental Engineering, Safety at WorkRenewable Energy Sources_Course Description
Mechanical Engineering in Environmental Engineering7Environmental Engineering, Safety at WorkMechanical Engineering in Environmental Engineering_Course Description
Monitoring of the Environment6Environmental Engineering, Safety at Work, Clean Energy TechnologiesMonitoring of the Environment_Course Description
Environment Protection System Management7Environmental EngineeringEnvironment Protection System Management_Course Description
Analysis and Assessment of Air Quality 6Environmental EngineeringAnalysis and Assessment of Air Quality_Course Description
Waste to Energy Tehnologies6Environmental Engineering, Clean Energy TechnologiesWaste to Energy Technologies_Course Description
Energy and Renewable Energy Sources in Rural Areas 6Environmental Engineering, Clean Energy TechnologiesEnergy and Renewable Energy Sources in Rural Areas_Course Description
Thermal Power Plants7Environmental Engineering, Clean Energy TechnologiesThermal Power Plants_Course Description