Name of the CourseECTSStudy ProgrammeCourse details
Fluid Machines7Energy and Process EngineeringFluid Machines_Course Description
Fundamentals of Environmental Analysis in Oil and Gas Industry5Energy and Process EngineeringFundamentals of Environmental Analysis in Oil and Gas Industry_Course Description
Fundamentals in Fluid Mechanics5Energy and Process EngineeringFundamentals in Fluid Mechanics_Course Description
Fundamentals of Process Engineering5Energy and Process EngineeringFundamentals of Process Engineering_Course Description
Gas Stations and Pipelines6Energy and Process EngineeringGas Stations and Pipelines_Course Description
Hydropneumatic Components6Energy and Process EngineeringHydropneumatic Components_Course Description
Measurement of fluid properties6Energy and Process EngineeringMeasurement of fluid properties_Course Description
Measurement and Control5Energy and Process EngineeringMeasurment and Control_Course Description
Pipeline Transportation7Energy and Process EngineeringPipeline Transportation_Course Description
Pumping and Compression Stations6Energy and Process EngineeringPumping and Compression Stations_Course Description