Name of the CourseECTSStudy ProgrammeCourse details
E-Logistics5Traffic and Transport Engineering E-Logistics_Course Description
Electronic Postal Services5Postal Traffic and TelecommunicationsElectronic Postal Services_Course Description_
Information Systems for Managing Enterprise Resource Planning5Postal Traffic and TelecommunicationsInformation Systems for Managing Enterprise Resource Planning_Course Description
Prevention of Accidents5Traffic and Transport Engineering Prevention of Accidents_Course Description
Reverse and Green logistics5Traffic and Transport Engineering Reverse and Green logistics_Course Description
Shaping Logistics Processes in Supply Chains5Traffic and Transport Engineering Shaping Logistics Processes in Supply Chains_Course Description
Traffic Forecasts5Traffic and Transport Engineering Traffic Forecasts_Course Description
Transportation Demand Management5Traffic and Transport Engineering Transportation Demand Management_Course Description
Next Generation Telecommunication Networks4Postal Traffic and TelecommunicationsNext Generation Telecommunication Networks
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