Name of the CourseECTSStudy ProgrammeCourse details
Equipment of IC engines and motor vehicles7Mechanization and Construction EngineeringEquipment of IC engines and motor vehicles_Course Description
Eurologistics7Mechanization and Construction EngineeringEurologistics_Course Description
Mechanisms in Mechatronics5Mechanization and Construction EngineeringMechanisms in Mechatronics_Course Description
Motor Vehicle Equipment4Mechanization and Construction EngineeringMotor Vehicle Equipment_Course Description
Motor Vehicle Simulation and Modelling5Mechanization and Construction EngineeringMotor Vehicle Simulation and Modelling_Course Description
Power and Motion Transmission in Agricultural Machinery7Mechanization and Construction EngineeringPower and Motion Transmission in Agricultural Machinery_Course Description
Road Traffic Forensic Engineering5Mechanization and Construction EngineeringRoad Traffic Forensic Engineering_Course Description
Simulation and design of IC engines6Mechanization and Construction EngineeringSimulation and design of IC engines_Course Description
Specific Machine Elements of Agricultural Machinery5Mechanization and Construction EngineeringSpecific Machine Elements of Agricultural Machinery_Course Description
Transport Systems and Devices6Mechanization and Construction EngineeringTransport Systems and Devices_Course Description